About me:

Tech founder and analyst: John has founded and run several tech companies. He spent 14 years of his career building and running Ryan Hankin Kent, a telecom consulting and analysis firm he founded with two colleagues; RHK was renowned for technically-derived and precise insights in strategy. He, with his wife, pioneered fabless display development at Pixel Qi Corp. He led an effort aimed at re-thinking Internet business models, with the People-Centered Internet Project, and co-founded a smart-contract / cryptocurrency project, Banyan Infrastructure, that also aimed to de-risk gloabl infrastructure development. Today, he focuses on strategy for tech companies,. 

The Physicist: John holds a PhD in physics from Imperial College, London,. Ask him about Emmy Noether’s first theorem and he'll share, at length, why he think it’s the most beautiful thing in the history of mathematical physics. Or, ask about gravitational wave experiments, or why we’re soon going to be able to truly see planets around distant stars.

The Artist: A seemingly perfect counterbalance to his love of science, John has long studied art– at London's Royal College of Art and National Gallery, and elsewhere.  John occasionally exhibits and sells his paintings, which are marked by vibrant colors and deep texture. Mostly deeply pigmented acrylic paints. sometimes drawings with pens. Always fun.

The Global Citizen: Born in Britain, John has lived and worked in the US, Asia and Europe over the last two decades. He speaks several languages, all badly. He possesses a love and deep appreciation for Taiwan’s people and culture after living there for four years. John now lives aboard a floating home in the San Francisco Bay, with his wife, globally-recognized technology leader Mary Lou Jepsen.