A new alphabet

A new alphabet

Being an improved alphabet and vocabulary

Relevant to children of our times

A is for Ammo

An Angry young man, Armed with an Assault Weapon

An AR15 or AK47

A is for Ambulances

B is for Bodies


Bullets, Bullets, Bullets

Blood, Bloodshed, Bodies

C is for Children

Children, Cowering in Closets


D is for Death,

Death and the Dead

Dying and Death (plural: Deaths)

E is for Enablers,

and for Evasion (by politicians, of course)

“Now is not the time” they always intone.

F is for Fleeing

Fleeing on Foot, Falling to the Floor

G is for Gore


For Graves and Gravestones

Marking lives cut short

H is for Horror, for Hiding

I is for Injuries

Innocence, lost.

J is for nothing, Justice is not served

K is for Killing

L is for Lobbying, the Legal version of bribery

Lobbyists paying politicians, so Lax Laws Allow Lunacy

L is for Bribery

M is for Mad but armed Men

Mostly Men

Mayhem, for Massacres, for Mass Murders, followed by Moments of Silence

N is for NRA, the trade association that benefits from this.

That bribes the politicians.

No Responsibility At All, they declare

Every time

Every damn time

O is for Open Carry

Okay at school, and Okay at church.

Oddly, not Okay where Old politicians gather

P is for Politicians Praying

for Payments

Q is for Quisling, a politician turned traitor

R is for Rights

The Right to Bear Arms or

The Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

Pick one.

S is for Silence, for the Silenced

T is for Tots, and Teenagers, and Terror, and for Thoughts & Prayers

U is for Unbelievable

V is for Violence, for Voices crying out

W is for Wounds, for Whimpering

X is for X-Rays at hospital

Y is for Youth, our hope and our spirit

Youth! Be the change!!

Z: let this be an end.